Another Laser Razemore Adventure

     Right beside the moon of planet Aqueous Uteterux, a gray octopus-shaped ship hovers.  The owner of this stadium-wide craft, Sal Malbehavior, Supreme Emperor of Crime, runs his empire of extortion, murder, and drug trafficking from that celestial location. Beneath the ship, on the planet below, the various governments, armies, and police departments comply with Sal’s will.  Through a combination of logistics and an advanced arsenal of weaponry from other universes, Sal maintains his status as a powerful tyrant.

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Breaking Open the Head: An Interview with David David Katzman

George Salis: Your novel, A Greater Monster, seems to focus more on language and imagery than plot. Was this a conscious choice?

David David Katzman: Wittgenstein would say that it depends on what you mean by “conscious.” Most conscious choices are actually unconscious choices driven by irrational, emotional motivations deep within our psyches. Only after we make a decision does our rational mind kick in so as to justify and explain our decision to ourselves.

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Amerika in the Sky (In Memoriam)

By some strange process, the continent of North America has become attached to the celestial sphere at the place where land and heavens meet. It is slowly getting detached from the crust of the Earth, like an old scab being peeled neatly from a healed wound, without any tearing at the edges.

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